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5 Must-Know Ways to Keep Your Vagina Happy and Healthy

5 Must-Know Ways to Keep Your Vagina Happy and Healthy

5 Must-Know Ways to Keep Your Vagina Happy and Healthy

As you age, your body can feel like it’s getting put through the wringer. Estrogen fluctuations, fine lines, and low energy levels are signs of a body needing a little extra TLC. This also extends to your vaginal health. Today, we review some simple tips to keep your downstairs healthy and comfortable.

1.  Gently Clean

When attempting to optimize your vaginal health, it may be tempting to try out all of those items marketed as odor-reducing or “ph balancing.” However, these products can contain ingredients that your down-there area may find harsh and irritating. Doctors agree that using a very mild cleanser (or, better yet, just water) on the vulva is all needed to keep it clean.

2.  Less is More

Keep it simple if you’re thinking of trying out new lubricants in the bedroom. Avoid lubricants containing unnatural ingredients, such as parabens and petroleum products, as you may find them uncomfortable in the long run.

And while we’re talking about nighttime activities, it’s a good idea to go commando while you sleep. It allows air to circulate where it often doesn’t have the chance and can help things stay balanced down there.

3.  Drink Enough Water

It almost seems too obvious, but your vagina needs hydration just as much as the rest of your body. Drinking approximately two liters of water daily can help avoid dryness and irritation below the belt.

4.  Opt for Cotton

How you dress can be as much of a reflection of your personality as your job, hobbies, and other interests. But when it comes to the clothes that come in direct contact with your private parts, try to use 100% cotton underwear that fits correctly. Cotton is a breathable fabric that is less likely to trap moisture. This, in turn, keeps harmful bacteria out of the nooks and crannies where they should not be.

5.  Ditch Dryness

As you age, the hormone imbalances that come with menopause can wreak havoc on your vagina, causing anything from dryness to lowered sex drive.

Consider an o-shot injection or a PRP injection in the vaginal area to give your system a lift. When you receive an o-shot, vagina-related problems can reduce or even disappear. These specialized PRP injections have yielded benefits ranging from improved orgasms to soothing pain during sex.

If all this info makes you frantically look up an “o-shot near me,” R2 Medical Clinic is here to help. Contact us today to learn how our PRP treatments can change your life.

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