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5 Ways Low Testosterone Levels Can Negatively Impact Your Health

5 Ways Low Testosterone Levels Can Negatively Impact Your Health

5 Ways Low Testosterone Levels Can Negatively Impact Your Health

There are many reasons for hormone fluctuations. When it comes to testosterone, low levels can negatively impact your health. Men and women both have and need testosterone. For men, testosterone is the most essential hormone for health. Bodies change as we age, and an almost unavoidable issue is low hormone levels. Paying attention to significant changes can alert you to take a closer look at why they are happening, and you can take steps to help yourself improve these negative symptoms.

In this post, we discuss five adverse effects of low testosterone.

Loss of Bone & Muscle Mass

Bone density and testosterone are directly related. When levels of testosterone are low, bones lose mass and become weaker. Muscle mass and strength are also dependent on testosterone for development.

Lower Energy

A common symptom of low testosterone is low energy and possibly chronic fatigue. Lacking energy from a decrease in testosterone is more than needing an afternoon nap. It is the kind of tiredness that will not improve with more rest.

Increase in Body Fat

Body fat and low testosterone go hand in hand, including dreaded belly fat. Losing testosterone and weight gain is a natural part of the aging process. However, accelerated weight gain is not something to ignore since it can quickly lead to other health issues.

Hair Loss

Low testosterone can cause thinning hair or hair loss all over your body. Low hormone levels cause the shrinkage of hair follicles, resulting in new hair becoming more delicate and thinner. This process eventually results in no new hair growth at all. Specific genes may also cause hair loss and thinning; however, low hormone levels are a common cause.

Lower Sex Drive

Sex drive is not strictly dependent on testosterone, but low levels can decrease the ability to have satisfying sex. Some men report losing interest in sex altogether, and although rare, erectile dysfunction can result from low testosterone.

What can you do?

There are several natural things to do if you suspect you are experiencing low testosterone levels. Some natural approaches to encourage healthy testosterone production include diet management, nutritional supplements, and maintaining a healthy weight.

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