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7 Key Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

7 Key Health Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

7 Key Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s common knowledge that sleep is essential, but many people are unaware of the unique benefits that sleep provides. We hear all the time that we need to get enough sleep to function properly, but many of us fail to appreciate the functions that sleep facilitates.

Let’s take a look at seven health benefits brought to you by a good night’s sleep.

#1- Sleep Boosts the Immune System

Getting adequate sleep all night has therapeutic effects on the immune system. The body produces growth hormones during sleep that repair tissues and cells and cytokines that help the immune system fight off potentially harmful microorganisms.

#2- Sleep Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

One of many deep sleep benefits involves blood sugar. A healthy night’s sleep helps regulate metabolism and keep blood sugar at healthy levels. Conversely, not getting enough sleep can contribute to fluctuations in blood sugar and increase an individual’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

#3- Sleep Improves Cognitive Function

The brain needs rest just as much as the rest of the body, and getting the recommended amount of sleep improves brain health, including cognitive function, memory, and problem-solving.

Sleep actually “washes” the brain as cerebrospinal fluid moves in and out of the brain cavity to help remove waste products and allow the brain to recuperate after each day.

#4- Sleep Refreshes the Body

We all know that sleep is good for the body. It provides time to relax and replenish energy, heal tissues and cells, and reset the body’s rhythm to prepare individuals better for a new day. Sleep restores the muscles, nerves, bones, skin cells, and the individual as a holistic system.

#5- Sleep Enhances Heart Health

A healthy amount of sleep each night reduces an individual’s risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke. Sleep allows the heart time for much-needed rest so that it isn’t constantly overworked. For this reason, individuals who struggle to sleep might want to visit a doctor or explore the selection of healthy sleep aids available in drug stores across the country.

#6- Sleep Helps Maintain Healthy Weight

Sleep reduces oxidative stress, which plays a role in the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. High cortisol levels contribute to weight gain, so for individuals who are either trying to lose or maintain the weight loss they’ve achieved, adequate sleep is a must.

#7- Sleep Reinforces Mental Well-Being

Getting enough sleep has been shown to reduce stress and stabilize an individual’s mood. It reduces anxiety, improves focus, and makes it easier to meet the needs of the day with a healthy mind.

Individuals who struggle to relax in the evening might benefit from listening to relaxing sleep music to prepare the body and mind for a night of rest.

Struggling to sleep enough is a common issue among teens and young adults. If you find that you cannot sleep as much as you should despite your best efforts, reach out to your medical provider. The issues you’re facing may result from a health condition, and finding the right solution will only add to your sleep quality.

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