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Healthy Eating Tips During the Festive Season

Healthy Eating Tips During the Festive Season

Healthy Eating Tips During the Festive Season

We all know how hard it is to avoid weight gain when the holidays roll around. Everyone is offering cookies, cakes, candies and other delicate delicacies, and it can be hard to limit yourself. That’s why we’ve put together some healthy eating tips to help keep you on track this festive season!

Pace Yourself

There’s no reason to eat everything that looks yummy all at once. You also don’t have to accept everything that is offered to you, and it’s okay to save things for later. Continuous snacking can confuse your appetite signals and make it harder for you to register how much you’ve really eaten. Try not to snack directly from a container – put your serving on a plate or in a bowl so you can see exactly what you’re eating. When you’re at a festive party or a family dinner, taking just a small amount is okay if you want to get a taste of everything. Don’t feel obligated to take an entire serving.

Don’t Overfill Your Stomach

Don’t force yourself to finish a meal past when your stomach is full. Overstuffing your stomach can lead to indigestion, as the quantity of food overwhelms your available stomach acid. As the food sits too long in your stomach, the acid can start to rise up your esophagus in the unpleasant sensation known as heartburn. Eating smaller meals can help prevent this problem by allowing your stomach acid to do its job more quickly. Overfilling your stomach a time or two won’t permanently stretch it, but if you do so regularly, it can make it harder for you to feel full since your stomach muscles will stretch more easily.

Eat Good Food First

There’s wisdom in the old saying that you shouldn’t spoil your dinner. Eating quality protein like meat, seafood, or eggs can help regulate your appetite and make sure you get enough nutrients before you move to dessert. Eating just sugary foods will spike your blood sugar, elicit an insulin surge, and then crash your blood glucose levels, making you hungrier than when you started. Try not to eat something sweet without also having something more substantial to slow its absorption into your bloodstream.

It’s Okay to Splurge a Little

In the end, remember that it’s the holidays! It won’t kill you to indulge a little, so long as you get back on track right afterward. Limit your intake of sweets, try to stay active, and don’t beat yourself up. When you need help staying on track toward health, consider R2 Medical! We’re a health and wellness clinic that specialized in bio-identical hormone therapy, vitamin IVs, low-risk weight loss procedures like cool-sculpting, and more! Contact us today to learn how we can support you on your health journey.

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