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How Do Sex Hormones Impact Your Immune System?

How Do Sex Hormones Impact Your Immune System

How Do Sex Hormones Impact Your Immune System?

Science has determined that sex hormones play a role in the immune system’s efficiency. As immune modulators, these hormones can either work to enhance or suppress the immune system, depending on the hormone itself and the levels present.

Let’s explore how sex hormones impact the immune system more deeply.

Key Sex Hormones

Key sex hormones include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. They’re each steroid hormones, and while estrogen is part of its class, testosterone is what’s known as an androgen. Progesterone is an anti-androgen and anti-estrogen hormone as it competes with androgens and deregulates estrogens.

These hormones are present in both men and women, and each impact the human immune system differently.

Estrogen and the Immune System

Estrogen is the primary sex hormone in female humans, and the medical community supports the idea that it’s an immune enhancer. Bountiful, balanced levels of estrogen can result in stronger immune responses and the generation of more antibodies.

However, balance is one of the main factors involved in this enhancement. Hormone balance is generally more important than the numbers alone, so it’s essential to have a balanced hormonal system.

Progesterone and the Immune System

Progesterone is a sex hormone that helps facilitate pregnancy. Because it works to suppress T cell production, it’s helpful in reducing uterine inflammation or the immune system’s attack on the developing fetus.

Because of this function, progesterone is an immunosuppressant that can inhibit inflammatory immune responses when present in high levels.

Testosterone and the Immune System

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males, and like other androgens, it is an immunosuppressant. High testosterone levels could weaken the body’s immune response, and lead to increased inflammation in the body.

While healthy testosterone levels are desirable, too much or too little can result in serious immune system issues.

Hormone Therapy for Immune Health

A balanced hormonal system is an essential part of maintaining an efficient immune system, so individuals need to be aware of their hormonal health. Hormonal imbalances are treatable with bioidentical hormone therapy in Denver, so adults who’ve been diagnosed with an imbalance or suspect a problem with their hormonal functions are encouraged to visit a medical professional.

Individuals with hormonal imbalances can dependably regulate their hormonal function and production by receiving customized hormone therapy in Denver. As a result, a balanced system will likely improve the efficacy of the individual’s immune system.

To take advantage of a healthier, more balanced life, reach out to a trusted medical provider to explore your options.

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