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How to Keep from Gaining Weight During the Holidays

Avoid Weight Gain

How to Keep from Gaining Weight During the Holidays

Stay Fit & Trim this Holiday Season

The holidays are a time when sweet, rich, comforting food items are available in abundance. Throughout the season, it’s common to indulge in baked goods, large portion sizes when dining with family and friends, and sweetened warm drinks.

While enjoying holiday food is just part of the experience, many people worry about gaining weight during this time of the year and would like to plan ahead in order to avoid having to work the weight off later.

Follow a couple of simple steps to keep yourself from gaining weight this holiday season.

  • Watch your portion size. You can enjoy holiday food without gaining weight by keeping an eye on your portion size. Small to moderate portions of holiday food are less calorie-rich than large servings.
  • Don’t eat until you’re uncomfortably full. If your portion size is larger than your appetite, you can always take leftovers home to eat once you become hungry again.
  • Be mindful of stress levels. Stress can make it easier to put on weight, and while the holidays can be a stressful time, do your best to manage your stress levels.
  • Eat protein and fiber-rich food. While the amount of food you eat is important, it’s also important to consider the quality of the food you eat. Eating food that’s rich in fiber and protein will help keep you full longer than sweet, empty calories.
  • Remain active. Even if you’re only going out for a walk or getting household chores done, getting up and maintaining some level of physical activity will help you to burn calories and avoid weight gain.

What if I have already gained weight?

If you have already noticed extra weight you’ve put on this year, you’re welcome to reach out to R2 Medical Clinic. We offer effective medical weight loss solutions so that our patients can get back to their ideal body weight.

The hCG diet plan not only helps patients lose weight, but it helps patients develop healthier nutritional habits. By developing healthy new habits in addition to medical weight loss, patients at R2 Medical Clinic can feel more assured that weight management is possible after the initial weight is lost.

Reach out to R2 Medical Clinic to schedule a consultation for medical weight loss. Our non-surgical weight loss program is ideal for a wide array of patient types who seek to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

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