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New Way To Fight Aging: Peptides

New Way To Fight Aging: Peptides

New Way To Fight Aging: Peptides

Visible signs of aging are an inevitable, natural process but one that humans have been on a quest to fight for generations. Common age-fighting tips such as avoiding smoking, wearing sunscreen, limiting alcohol, and eating a healthy diet are great, but new ways to fight to age are emerging.

Studies show evidence that peptides have anti-wrinkle and other health-optimizing benefits that can help those desiring to fight the signs of aging.


Peptides are strings of amino acids naturally made by the human body. These strings of amino acids operate as building blocks of proteins. There are various peptides, each having a different role in the body. For example, collagen peptides support collagen formation, a fiber-like protein found in connective tissue in the skin. Antimicrobial peptides help fight bacteria and promote the natural healing process of wounds. Creatine peptides support muscle growth and repair. There are many different types of peptides in the human body.

Benefits of Peptides for Anti-Aging

The aging process causes a decline in peptides in the body. Peptides promote the making of collagen in the skin. Regular use of collagen may result in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Peptides also have anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce inflamed skin, soothing irritation, and redness. Increasing specific peptides in the body can result in firm, plump skin and a more youthful appearance.

Peptides in SkinCare & Supplements

Peptides are available in many skincare products and as oral supplements. They are generally safe and, according to studies, rarely cause side effects. Skincare and supplements containing peptides are available without a prescription. It is essential to carefully follow dose instructions and contact your healthcare provider if you experience any adverse reactions.

Peptides Therapy

Medical peptide therapy is available through a schedule of natural injections. Peptide therapy restores peptide production to optimal, healthy levels by stimulating cellular regeneration and promoting natural healing. Peptide therapy is known to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and enhance elastin and collagen in the skin. Other benefits of medical peptide therapy may include improved sleep, increased energy levels, increased libido, and aiding in weight loss.

R2 Medical

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