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R2 is proud
to introduce

Our dynamic team of passionate medical providers to assist with all of your Wellness needs. We all look forward to meeting you and thank you in advance for placing your trust and allowing us to be part of your Health and Wellness journey.

Dr. Erik Natkin, DO Medical Director and Provider

Dr. Erik Natkin, DO

Medical Director and Provider

Dr. Natkin, although not a true Colorado native, has lived off-and-on in the Denver area since 1987. He was born in California and moved to Germany with his family at the age of 11 when his father, a Psychiatrist, re-enlisted with our Armed Forces. After completing 6 grade through first year of college in Germany he moved to Boulder, Colorado to pursue college at the University of Colorado.

After an eclectic career including environmental chemistry, owner/operator of a small construction-contractor company, and computer information technology he eventually returned to his earlier pursuit of medicine and moved to Los Angeles, California for medical school. He then spent a year in Denver, Colorado completing a year of general surgery and then to Oregon for orthopedic surgery residency training. Upon leaving Oregon he has focused his medical career on the treatment of patient pain management needs which has led him into a the world of Health and Wellness and Regenerative Medicine. His diverse background in life and medical education have suited his patients with a pleasurable and satisfying medical experience.

When not at work and attending to his patients needs, Dr. Natkin is an avid cyclist and enjoys cycling, snowboarading, scuba diving, music, movies, theater and art, travel, and a good book.

Cris Cook Doctor

Christine Cook,

Nurse Practioner

Christine Cook has 18 years of nursing experience and recently graduated with her Master’s degree specializing in Family Nurse Practitioner. Christine has worked in the hospital setting and as a nurse injector at a hormone replacement clinic.

Christine is incredibly passionate about helping patients look and feel their best by developing a connection and discussing her patients desires and expectations. In her free time, Christine loves to run, read, and spend time with her family and friends.

Jennifer C Barker

Sports Nutrition Specialist

Jennifer Barker is a Sports Nutrition Specialist with Be Strong Stay Fit and founder of Miles, Muscles & Motivation, an online community that focuses on whole-health approaches to fitness, weight loss and mindset. Jennifer’s credentials are from the largest – and most respected – private nutrition coaching and education company in the world Precision Nutrition. She is also a mom and self-proclaimed Peloton and workout addict.

What truly sets Jennifer apart though, is her personal connection to weight loss, as she has lost 90 pounds from her heaviest weight of 218 to where she is today. A client of Dr. Natkin’s, Jennifer understands first-hand the struggles her client’s face as well as the unique solutions needed for sustainable weight loss as we age. Her goal is to inspire others to take control of their lives and be the best versions of themselves possible!

Bradley Goldman

Owner, Be Strong Stay Fit, Inc.

Bradley Goldman is the founder of the program NBS by BSSF and owner of Be Strong Stay Fit Inc. Bradley has credentials through the International Sports Science Association, Precision Nutrition as well as many other highly accredited organizations.  

Bradley’s philosophy on nutrition is “consistency > intensity” and “progress > perfection.” With Bradley’s 10+ years in the industry as a credentialed sports nutritionist specialist he’s put together a team of registered dietitians that share his same philosophy in leaning into human behavior as much as possible to help frustrated adults find a more sustainable approach to achieving their weight loss goals.

Team member of R2 Medical Clinic

David Raday Jr.

Patient Liason

David Raday Jr is passionate about making sure each of his clients achieve their fitness and health goals through a holistic approach.  

Crystal Rodriguez Medical Assistant

Crystal Rodriguez

Medical Assistant

As a medical assistant with a background in pediatrics, family medicine, pain management, and hormone replacement, Crystal has been a valuable addition to our team at the R2 Medical Clinic since 2019.

Like many healthcare professionals, she was drawn to the industry due to her intense desire to help people take advantage of long, healthy, fulfilling lives. In 2014, she started her career in healthcare and has continued to grow as she greets each new opportunity with enthusiasm.

Crystal is a Colorado native as well as a family-oriented person who strives to spend quality time with her daughter during her leisure.

Tami Lowisz Medical Assistant in r2 medical clinic

Tami Lowisz

Medical Assistant

Tami Lowisz was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois (Northern Suburbs). She attended College and received her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. She worked for Discover Financial Services, INC Headquarters for 10 years as a Technical Writer, before she and her two young boys decided to move to Castle Rock, Colorado in 2005. She’s always loved and hoped to return to the mountains, since living in Scottsdale, Arizona from 1990-1997. Moving to Colorado was the best move she feels she could have made, for many unknown reasons at the time.

In her spare time, Tami enjoys spending time with her two teenage sons. She likes to keep busy with cooking, boating, dirt bike riding/motorcycling (passenger, NOT driver), country line dancing, music, occasional weekend get-aways, and a good movie!
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