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Overcome 5 Psychological Blocks to Hair Loss

Overcome 5 Psychological Blocks to Hair Loss

Overcome 5 Psychological Blocks to Hair Loss

If you’re experiencing hair loss, then you understand that it can have a substantial impact on your self-confidence and mental health in general. But did you know that mental health can also impact hair loss and hair growth, not just a vitamin deficiency or disease? Hair loss can be overcome in a number of cases, but only if you accept that you have a problem and seek treatment before it gets any worse.

1. Anxiety and Hair Loss

One of the lesser known symptoms of generalized or acute anxiety is hair loss. The constant or extreme state of stress caused by these instances causes hair follicles to go into a relaxed state which, over time, can cause the affected hair to fall out. In most cases, getting treatment for the anxiety can also help treat the hair loss.

2. Embarrassment or Lowered Confidence

While most instances of hair loss are treatable, many people who experience it don’t seek treatment. They mat find the condition embarrassing or don’t have the confidence to accept it. Accepting that you’re experiencing hair loss is the first step to seeking treatment and finding a solution.

3. Increased Stress

There’s a vicious cycle that comes along with hair loss – especially when stress or anxiety contributes to it. The realization that one is losing hair often causes a person to become more stressed during social interactions or obsess about their appearance, which can then further contribute to the problem. When you learn to accept it, you can begin seeking hair loss treatment and reduce the stress factor as an added benefit.

4. Anger

Despite common belief, there is no science backing the claim that excessive anger can cause hair loss. However, the reverse effect may be true. Some people have reported that when they began experiencing hair loss, they started feeling more on edge and defensive, becoming more short-tempered over time due to the negative impact it has on one’s mental health.

5. Depression

When depression is severe enough, there are some studies that suggest it may be a contributing factor to hair loss. If not a direct cause, depression often causes or is caused by a vitamin deficiency – as is hair loss. While not a cure-all, increasing blood serum vitamin levels back to normal could at least help with depression symptoms and hair loss. Visible or rapid hair loss may also lead to psychological symptoms like  depression, social avoidance, and isolation.

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