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Seven Tips to Boost Your Immunity While You Travel

Seven Tips to Boost Your Immunity While You Travel

Seven Tips to Boost Your Immunity While You Travel

Your immune system is not just one part of your body. It is a network of cells all over (your skin) and throughout your body. These cells work together to help you prevent or limit sickness or infection. Many things affect a human’s immune system, including sleep, stress, diet, and hydration. All of these are altered from daily life as you prepare to travel and as you travel.

Traveling can leave you feeling low, here are seven tips to help boost your immune system and help prevent travel sickness.

1.  Stay Hydrated

Immune systems depend on the bloodstream properly transporting nutrients to each organ. To do this, our bodies need water. Hydration is a critical element of maintaining a healthy immune system. It is crucial to drink lots of water when traveling! Blood pressure fluctuations, dizziness, and lightheadedness may result from dehydration.

2.  Move

Moving is crucial for blood circulation, and blood circulation is essential for nutrients to travel to the right places in our bodies. Sitting for long periods can interrupt proper blood circulation. When traveling, it is important to stand up periodically. It’s also beneficial to exercise when on vacation. Even a short daily workout or walk can help boost your immune system function.

3.  Take Supplements

Taking the right supplements on vacation can help with digestive stress, boost immunity and help with sleep. Adding immune-boosting supplements such as vitamins D3 and C can help you stay healthy when traveling.

4.  Get Fresh Air

Get outside! Staying cooped up in airplanes or cars decreases access to fresh air. Getting fresh air can strengthen your immune system. Sunlight and plants are a natural part of getting outdoors and contribute to fresh air’s health benefits.

5.  Manage Stress

Managing stress on vacation is essential for healthy immune function. Increased stress is often associated with traveling and directly affects your immune system. High-stress levels can decrease white blood cells that fight off infections. Also, high-stress levels can cause depression and anxiety, leading to inflammation and a tired, decreased immune system.

6.  Sleep

Lack of sleep can make you sick, and no one wants to be sick when traveling. A  few tips to help optimize your sleep when traveling include sticking to a nighttime routine and making your room sleep-friendly by regulating its temperature, light, and noise. Another way to encourage your body to sleep well is to exercise during the day.

7.  Eat Well

An unhealthy diet may impair immunity. It is important to eat healthy while traveling, even when enjoying all those vacation treats. Some immune-boosting foods that travel well and are typically easily accessible include citrus fruits, herbal teas, yogurt, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

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