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The Stem Cell Treatment Revolution

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The Stem Cell Treatment Revolution

Everything you need to know about Stem Cell Treatment

Living with a chronic injury or medical condition can be disheartening, especially after multiple treatments have failed to help. Luckily, stem cell treatment, a relatively new form of non-surgical therapy, has been shown to provide effective relief to patients with these kinds of issues.

Read on for a quick primer on how stem cell treatment works and the kinds of issues it can help treat. 

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are a kind of biological blank slate that the body can adapt to suit its needs. They are the precursor to all other types of specialized cells — things like brain cells, for instance, or muscle cells, which serve a specific purpose.

Stem cells become specialized by dividing themselves, leaving behind a stem cell copy and producing a new cell type. In this way, they are self-renewing.

Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatments are widely used to treat a range of injuries and pain conditions, including:

  • Ligament and joint issues. Because stem cells reduce inflammation by triggering old, damaged cells for removal, they are an effective treatment for issues like arthritis or ligament injuries. Cartilage and ligament tissue do not normally regenerate quickly, but stem cells remedy that problem by releasing growth factors and transforming into these kinds of specialized cells.

  • Back problems, like degenerating discs or damaged nerves. Stem cells slow down the degenerate of spinal discs by repairing damaged cells and generating new, healthy ones. They can also mark the scar tissue that is often left around damaged nerves for removal, allowing the body to access damaged nervous system pathways again.    

Stem Cell Therapy in Denver, CO

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