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Top 6 Benefits of a Dry January

Top 6 Benefits of Dry January

Top 6 Benefits of a Dry January

“Dry January” is a term for a month-long challenge to abstain from alcohol consumption. Many individuals take on this challenge as part of the resolutions they’ve set up for themselves at the beginning of a year. Cutting back on alcohol for a month’s duration also helps people regain control when they feel that they may have had too many drinks over the holidays.

While this goal is great on its own, there are several additional Dry January benefits that those who abstain from alcohol might notice as time passes.

Health Benefits of Dry January

 #1 – Better Sleep

Alcohol consumption can interfere with an individual’s sleep quality, specifically because it interacts negatively with adenosine, one of the chemicals the body produces to reduce alertness and induce sleep.

Individuals who participate in Dry January may find that they remain asleep throughout the night, rather than waking up periodically.

#2 – Money Saving

Alcohol is not cheap, so understandably, saving money on purchasing drinks is one of the many benefits of reducing consumption. Depending on the amount and quality of alcohol an individual usually buys, participating in Dry January can save up to several hundred dollars for the month.

#3 – Less Bloating

Drinking alcohol can cause bloating, especially around the face, neck, and hands. This is because alcohol is a dehydrating agent, despite it being a liquid. When a person reduces their alcohol consumption, they may notice that their reflection shows a slimmer face with a less red appearance.

In addition, alcohol is typically quite high in calories, so when an individual quits drinking for a month, Dry January weight loss may be another unexpected benefit of their efforts.

#4 – Immune Boost

Consuming a significant amount of alcohol, especially when done regularly, can negatively impact a person’s immune system. Reducing the number of drinks a person consumes gives the immune system a break, which allows it to perform essential functions more effectively. A healthy immune system means a reduction in illness, and could lead to a decrease in symptoms for individuals with chronic conditions.

#5 – Improved Mood

Though consuming alcohol may help alleviate stress and sadness short term, it is not effective in helping individuals manage their emotions and mental health. By decreasing the number of alcoholic drinks a person consumes, he or she may find that their mood is more stable, their thoughts are more clear, and they feel better overall thanks to the other health benefits they’re experiencing.

#6 – Healthier Relationship with Alcohol

Finally, spending a month without drinking alcohol can help individuals who drink regularly realize that they don’t need alcohol. Whether they choose to drink in February or abstain completely, reducing alcohol consumption can aid people in treating alcoholic beverages as an occasional indulgence rather than a part of daily life.

Participating in Dry January can be challenging if alcohol consumption has become something that you do regularly. It’s especially tough when the people you’re around most often have made alcohol consumption a normal part of the day. However, taking a step back and challenging yourself can be eye-opening as it may help you re-establish how you feel and what your body and mind truly need.

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