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Welcoming 2023: Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Welcoming 2023: Healthy New Year's Resolutions

Welcoming 2023: Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Are you thinking about making some changes in the new year? It’s the perfect time to set some healthy goals. Most people choose to start making healthy changes with New Year’s resolutions. If you plan to make some healthy resolutions, you are not alone! The most popular new years resolutions center on a healthier lifestyle.

We are sharing some ideas for healthy New Year’s resolutions. Simple ways to make healthy lifestyle changes in 2023!

Get More Sleep

Sleep is essential for good health. Good sleep can improve cognitive ability and boost mood and overall health. In contrast, inadequate sleep can raise the risk of diseases and other health issues.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is critical for health, but what is regular exercise? According to the CDC, 150 minutes (2 1/2 hours) of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least two days per week is considered regular exercise for adults.

Save Money

This may sound strange for a wellness resolution, but saving a little money every month can improve your mental health! Saving money can increase self-confidence, build optimism and help you with the next resolution idea – reduce stress. Mental and physical health are closely tied, taking steps to gain control of your finances is an excellent healthy resolution for 2023!

Reduce Stress

Finding ways to reduce stress is an effective way to improve your health. Preventing and managing stress can lower your risk of heart disease, improve sleep, lower your blood pressure and even improve digestion. Simple ways to reduce stress include picking up a hobby or clearing clutter!

Weight Loss

A few pounds can make a significant difference in your health. Even a small weight loss goal, such as 5 – 10 pounds, can help relieve pressure on your joints, decrease your chances for some diseases like type 2 diabetes, stop sleep apnea, and other benefits.

Take it Slow

Resolutions are great, but there are overwhelming statistics about people who give up on their resolutions. One way to help yourself stick with your wishlist is by setting realistic goals and making only a few changes simultaneously instead of trying to change everything at once.

R2 Medical

Another way to help yourself with your resolutions is with the R2 Medical team! The R2 Medical Clinic professional medical team strives to ensure that we are fostering relationships with our patients that encourage them to take ownership of their well-being. Our goal is to provide care that keeps the body balanced throughout the year! As you think about healthy New Year’s resolutions, we would love to help you develop a wellness plan to achieve optimal wellness in 2023.

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