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What Can You Do If Your Sex Drive Is Nowhere To Be Found?

Get Your Sex Life Back

What Can You Do If Your Sex Drive Is Nowhere To Be Found?

Sex drive diminishment can occur for a number of reasons, and it isn’t uncommon for both men and women to experience libido reduction in their 40s and later.

Fortunately, the medical field has advanced enough to facilitate natural, minimally-invasive treatments for various issues of sexual dysfunction.

Read on to learn more about R2 Medical Clinic’s blood-derived sexual dysfunction treatments for men and women suffering from low libido and sexual disorders.

The O-Shot for Women

The O-shot (Orgasm Shot) is a blood-derived treatment that treats sexual dysfunction in women, from arousal-related disorders to vaginal pain during intercourse.

To initiate the process, a numbing lidocaine solution is applied to the clitoris and vaginal wall to make the injection as painless as possible.

From there, blood is drawn from the patient’s arm and placed into a centrifuge where it is double-spun. After that, a calcium chloride solution is introduced to the platelets to inspire the release of growth factors.

This platelet-rich fluid is then injected into the now-numb pelvic floor and clitoris to distribute growth factors throughout the vaginal region.

This treatment rejuvenates the vagina and allows patients to experience increased pleasure sensations, stronger orgasms, decreased pain during intercourse, increased natural lubrication, and improvement in urinary control.

The P-Shot for Men

If a man’s sex drive has diminished due to an erectile issue, P-shot (Priapus Shot) treatments might be worth considering. The p-shot is a natural, blood-derived rejuvenation method that effectively treats erectile dysfunction.

It’s a relatively painless procedure that utilizes a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma to promote healing and revitalization of the reproductive system.

For patient comfort, a lidocaine numbing solution is applied to the penile tissue before the treatment begins.

From there, medical personnel draw blood from the arm, place the sample into a centrifuge, then infuse it with a calcium chloride solution to promote the release of growth factors.

The platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the penis (which the numbing solution prevents from being painful).

Following natural p-shot injections, patients should experience increased blood circulation, more sexual endurance, better orgasms, and up to 20% erection growth.

Sexual dysfunction does not have to be an accepted, normal part of your life. There are natural treatment options available that utilize your body’s natural healing processes to improve your sexual health without the risks associated with various other treatment methods.

Contact R2 Medical Clinic to schedule a consultation where we will discuss your symptoms and the natural treatment options that will best suit your unique needs.

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