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What Is the NBS Program and How It Can Help with Your Weight Loss Goals

NBS Program and Hoe It Can Help Weight Loss

What Is the NBS Program and How It Can Help with Your Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss is a goal that many people work to achieve, especially during the first quarter of a new year. However, it can become emotionally taxing to see your efforts awarding you very little success, and for that reason, weight loss journeys often taper off as the month’s pass.

In addition to slow progress, many weight loss programs rely on intense, time-consuming exercise routines that are difficult to keep up with. This paired with restrictive diets can make weight loss goals seem impossible to reach, leaving individuals feeling like the hard work they’re doing is barely worth it.

If you’ve struggled in the past to lose weight and you find yourself highly unsatisfied with weight loss programs you’ve tried, the NBS program might be the change you need.

What is the NBS Program?

NBS is a program developed by Be Strong Stay Fit. It’s a 12-week program designed to succeed where many other weight loss programs fail. This nutritional program utilizes a non-restrictive approach and pairs effective nutritional programming with R2 Medical Clinic‘s successful approach to healthy living.

Unlike programs that make demands about what you can and can’t eat paired with intense exercise, NBS is committed to helping individuals succeed through observed changes.

Patients/clients who start the NBS nutrition program get customized meal plans that consider taste preferences, food items you can’t live without, and lifestyle demands. For example, the program considers an individual’s activity level rather than demanding a collective calorie count for everyone participating.

In addition to customizing meal plans, individuals working with the NBS program receive customized Peloton workouts, meaning that exercise routines do not take a one-size-fits-all approach.

The NBS program does not leave participants to their own devices. There is always an open line of direct communication with a qualified, credentialed Registered Dietician Nutritionist (RDN) or coach. These professionals can provide valuable advice, offer support, and answer questions as individuals progress through the program. Response times are guaranteed in 24 hours or less during regular business hours.

The program emphasizes a strong focus on providing support, and as such, NBS has an application process that ensures that applicants are the right fit for the program. In addition, only a certain number of active clients are approved at a given time to allow RDNs to provide dedicated support and superior services.

With a customized plan to fit your unique needs and lifestyle demands, the NBS program sets individuals up for success. Exercise and nutrition planning is designed to be sustainable so that individuals trying to lose weight do not have to make drastic, impossible-to-maintain changes in their everyday lives.

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