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What to Expect During Your First NAD+ Therapy Session

What to Expect During Your First NAD+ Therapy Session

What to Expect During Your First NAD+ Therapy Session

You may have heard about NAD+ therapy during your search for medical options with the potential to enhance your overall health and wellbeing. For individuals who deal with the effects of chronic conditions, finding an effective treatment can be challenging, and as such, people often research alternative care options.

If you’re curious about what to expect from NAD+ infusions, read on to learn how therapy sessions work and the conditions this treatment can help manage.

The Goal of NAD+ Therapy

So, what is NAD IV therapy, and how does it contribute to your overall health?

NAD+ is a chemical compound that naturally occurs in cells, and it’s both an antioxidant and gene regulator. Thus, NAD therapy aims to regulate the genes that control aging and reduce the body’s oxidative stress levels.

In addition to reducing the physical signs of aging, NAD infusions can help manage depression, boost energy levels, reduce anxiety and sleep disturbances, and enhance the immune system to combat illness and inflammation.

Your First NAD+ Session

Typically, consultation appointments involve collecting medical history and covering your concerns so that the medical provider can cater your therapy sessions to meet your exact needs. When you attend your first session, a medical team member will lead you to the treatment area, help you get comfortable, and administer the infusion.

Your session may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Route of Administration: NAD+ injections can be administered via IV drip or subcutaneous injection (under the skin).
  • Duration: Depending on the route of administration, a session can vary in length. For NAD IV therapy, sessions can last anywhere from 2 to 10 hours, and they usually take place over two or more days. Subcutaneous treatment, however, only takes a few minutes.

During NAD+ therapy sessions, you’re welcome to relax, watch TV, sleep, read a book, play a game, or participate in just about any activity that doesn’t involve getting up.

A care provider will continuously check on your progress and ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the therapy session.

Once your NAD infusion is complete, you’ll be discharged from the clinic so that you can return home.

After Your Appointment

Following your NAD treatment session, you can expect to feel the effects of the therapy administered for up to two weeks. Your treatment routine will likely depend on your exact healthcare needs, your schedule availability, and the rate at which your body utilizes the NAD+ compound.

If you’re looking for a natural method to reduce inflammation, enhance immune function, improve focus, maintain a youthful appearance, and get better sleep, NAD+ therapy might be an excellent choice. Ask your medical provider about NAD therapy to determine whether it’s a viable option for your healthcare needs.

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