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5 Things You Can’t Ignore Before Opting for a Testosterone Replacement Therapy

5 Things You Can’t Ignore Before Opting for a Testosterone Replacement Therapy - r2 medical clinic

5 Things You Can’t Ignore Before Opting for a Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is a gender-defining hormone in the human body. The presence of testosterone in a man’s body is responsible for his physical attributes. But as a human body grows older, the amount of testosterone starts to decrease. This decrease results in loss of sex drive and hampers sperm production. But that’s not all. Apart from degradation in sexual health, it can also cause other serious ailments.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy as a Proposition for Men and Women

The amount of testosterone in a man’s body starts going down after the age of 30. When the decrease is normal, there is no problem. But due to several reasons, a lot of men experience adverse degradation. When the problem starts to appear, they have two propositions in front of them – whether to bear the ill effects or go for a testosterone replacement therapy.

Although the testosterone problem is mainly attributed to men, many women also face this complication. Some common issues faced by women are mood swings, vaginal dryness, and diminished libido. 

5 Things to Consider

If you have already googled testosterone replacement therapy clinics near me, then you are not alone. But you should not decide in haste. It is important to consider at least these 5 points before you start choosing from a list of testosterone clinics:

Consider the method of testosterone replacement

Testosterone replacement therapy can be performed via various methods. You can choose gels and creams, skin patches, injections, or implants. Every method has its pros and cons. The pellet implant method is the most effective but it requires a minor medical procedure. An injection is inexpensive and effective. Gels, creams, and skin patches are the most convenient but might not be as effective as other methods.

Take into account the condition of your heart, kidney, and liver

Testosterone replacement therapy puts a load on your body, especially your heart, kidney, and liver. One should get all the health checkups done after consulting his/her doctor. It’s only after a doctor deems you fit for the treatment that you should go for this therapy.

Know exactly what the therapy does and set expectations accordingly

Every person undergoing this therapy should know that it is not a permanent cure for the root problem. The effect of this therapy only lasts for a fixed duration. One should set his/her expectations right before opting for testosterone replacement therapy.

Accurate checkup of current testosterone level

One should never go for this treatment if he/she is not sure about the current testosterone level. There is a slight chance that this therapy may influence sperm production, so you should not opt for it unless you really need it. 

Trustworthiness and pedigree of testosterone clinics

The results of testosterone replacement therapy can vary based on the quality of treatment that you get. For Americans, many top-class options are available. Many testosterone replacement therapy clinics in Denver have a track record of providing great results.


Opting for testosterone replacement therapy denver CO is a life-changing decision. You must consider the pedigree of the clinic, the method of therapy, current testosterone level, and other vital points before choosing the right clinic for the treatment.

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